HRC: A Defining Moment

Our journey over the last year has been amazing;  the people we met, the challenges we faced and the incredible support we have received from so many individuals in Snohomish County that support the Holman Recovery Center Project.

This journey started about 16 months ago when I had the idea to open a Residential Addiction Treatment Program in Snohomish County and ran it by a friend at a lunchtime meeting in Everett.  The idea made sense, but the path to getting there was not clear.  I reminded myself that not being able to see the path forward did not mean I should avoid the journey.  As a Chemical Dependency Professional working with individuals on a daily basis who were suffering in active addiction and who desperately needed access to Residential Treatment, but were forced to deal with long wait lists for facilities in distant counties, I did not feel I had the option to turn away from the problem.

So I assembled an advisory group for our project of like minded colleagues who felt as strongly about this cause as I did and we began marching ahead.  The advisory group became a Board of Directors, the project became a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit and we kept marching ahead. We have met several local and state officials and business leaders to get endorsements.  Some were supportive, others were polite but dismissive, and still others just said outright that we had no chance of being able to fulfill the goal of buying a piece of commercial land and building a facility, which had an estimated cost of $4.5 million dollars – but still, we kept marching ahead.

So why bother to keep trying?  The Snohomish Health District estimates that as of January 2019, between 5,000 and 10,000 people in Snohomish County are suffering from an opioid use disorder and stated it’s likely that another 35,000 to 80,000 people are misusing opioids – so that’s why we bother.  And remember, these statistics do not include those struggling with addictions to Methamphetamine, Alcohol and other drugs.

Another reason why we keep trying is because several of us working on this project are either in Recovery ourselves, have a loved one or close friend in Recovery or  work with clients everyday in our 9-5 jobs that are in Recovery.  We have seen this transformational change in ourselves and/or others and therefore we know it’s real.  If those struggling with the disease can just have the opportunity to get out of the lifestyle of active addiction long enough for the desire of new life in Recovery to take hold, then they have a fighting chance.

But even with all our drive and commitment, we realized the challenge before us in terms of raising capital funds for this project ($4.5 million) was daunting.  Until 2 weeks ago.

Under the leadership of a local home construction company based in the Arlington area, who is also committed to addressing the Addiction crisis in Snohomish County, an investment group has formed.  They have secured a commercial lot in the Smokey Point area and are willing to build the facility for HRC with no money upfront.  HRC will then lease the facility back at a monthly rate with an option to buy at a future date.

We cannot overstate the importance of this development.  It’s game changer.  What was once a distant goal is now within arms reach.  We may be cutting a ribbon by this time next year – or sooner.

But we are not there yet.  In order to reach our vision, we are still going to need to raise a large amount of money over the next 6 months for startup costs (these are the additional costs associated with furnishing the facility and operating it for 3-4 months until revenue begins to be received).  We feel we can raise these funds, and that process has already begun – but it’s going to be a challenge (wish us luck!).

We are not going to open just any program.  We want Holman Recovery Center to be one of the leading Residential Substance Use Disorder Treatment Programs in Washington State.  We plan to interview and hire the best Chemical Dependency Professionals in the area to help guide our clients to a new life in Recovery.  We will work with a nationally accredited consulting firm to implement an evidence-based, trauma-informed curriculum so the 16 men and 16 women at HRC are making meaningful progress in treatment by using evidence based practices.  We are going to partner with local Health Care and Medically Assisted Treatment providers, to allow our clients to access medical services and the use of MAT (Methadone, Suboxone or Vivitrol) while at HRC.  We want our clients to have a healthy organic daily diet, moderate exercise and access to sober supports from the 12-step community.

For those who believe in the vision of HRC like we do, thank you.  If you can directly help us with fundraising or know someone who can, you can either donate directly through this website or contact us to make other arrangements.

Follow us on Facebook and check back with this blog to monitor our progress, and watch the dream of Recovery come true for those we will have the privilege of meeting and working with at Holman Recovery Center.


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