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The mission of Holman Recovery Center is to offer substance use disorder treatment to a diverse population in a supportive, residential treatment setting and interrupt the destructive progress of Addiction through the use of best practice treatment modalities that promote Recovery.

We are a local, Nonprofit organization who believe having this program based in our community will provide a needed service to individuals struggling with addiction. HRC will help decrease overdose fatalities and positively impact the lives of all Snohomish County residents.

Our goal is to work in partnership with local Outpatient Treatment providers, Detox Programs, Medically Assisted Treatment programs, Courts and Social Services to provide this needed level of care for the substance abusing population in Snohomish County.  We will also work closely with the 12-Step community in Snohomish County, as we recognize the power of change The Program offers for those seeking sobriety.

Our plan is to secure funding from public and private sources, find a suitable location in North Snohomish County, and build the facility. We envision a program with a capacity for 36 clients that accepts both private and state insurance. We plan on utilizing a trauma-informed curriculum for a population of both male and female clients. We feel a key part of the recovery process is healing a body neglected by addiction, so providing our clients with a healthy diet as well as a moderate exercise routine will be core goals for our program.

We realize this is a large undertaking, but we believe the lives of those the program will save makes it worth all the effort.  The HRC Board of Directors is committed to achieving the goal of seeing Holman Recovery Center open it’s doors in North Snohomish County to serve those in need of Residential Substance Use Disorder Treatment:

  • Edmund Smith, BA, SUDP – President of the Board of Directors (Recovery Program Coordinator, Everett)
  • Laura Whitaker, BS, SUDP – Board Member (Drug Court Coordinator, Everett)
  • Maynard Kielty, CDP (Ret.) – Board Member (Fmr. SUD Treatment Counselor, Arlington)
  • Gina Wassemiller – Board Member (Legal Social Worker, Everett)
  • Cathy Matson, SUDP – Secretary (SUD Treatment Supervisor, Everett)
  • Heather Banks, SUDP – Treasurer (Outreach/Crisis Social Worker, Everett)
  • Frederic J. Moll – Board Member (Attorney at Law)

Please join us along our journey to make Holman Recovery Center (HRC) a reality by following us on our blog and Facebook page.

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